Nomad was the first freehand body-piercing studio in America (in Australia as well), offering many large gauge techniques that had never been offered in a body-piercing studio before. In keeping the energy, techniques, and history alive, we hope to set a great example for the industry of body piercing in San Francisco to come. We now use all steam sterilization. Gold, platinum, titanium and glass jewelry for all initial body piercings. We offer a very calming and clean environment for all body piercing services.


2010 marked a great year for the San Francisco body piercing industry. The first year the city of San Francisco’s health department required licensing for body piercing practitioners. Working in conjunction with the Health Department upon re-opening we met and discussed their goals, alongside with the goals of the APP to make sure our shop standards would hold up for many years to come. We’ve been helping the health department with the use our facilities for the training of their new department. A long awaited privilege to now offer a state-of-the-art, fully licensed, body piercing environment in San Francisco.

Nomad was originally opened in San Francisco in 1993 by Blake Perlingieri, who now owns the Nomad museum in Oregon. The original San Francisco shop moved locations and became a bigger family over the years. Including Kristian White, Eric Rosenbaum, and Nick Aguilar, some of the original owners / practitioners. Refer to nomadmuseum.com for a more in-depth history.

 L.A. Times 01-29-1997 article mentions Nomad

Shon Dolcini
(Current owner/practitioner)